Having trouble completing your 2014 ERAS® Application?

Having trouble completing your 2014 ERAS® Application?

Not sure how to address specific questions in your personal statement?

It’s already July. Medical school students/ graduates like you seek out opinions, ask for feedback and hope for the best before they send off their ERAS® Applications and personal statements.

Stop: Before you ask for help, ask yourself if your classmate, program advisor or generic editing service is intrinsically focused on the extremely specialized ERAS® process.

But friendly advice, résumé edits and uninformed advice from a non-specialized editing service won’t help you address specific reviewer-focused needs and requirements.

Why? I’m Donald Morrish, MD. I’ll tell you why generic edits don’t cut it.

As a former Associate Program Director of a highly competitive residency program, I know applications must be strong throughout. You need to interest reviewers, fast. Plus you must keep their attention—especially with your personal statement and letters of recommendation.

Insider’s Tip: Your typical editor or service that employs residents’ who have gone through the process once isn’t going to know how to appeal to a busy Program Director who has specific needs. I’m an insider. I know what PDs want. You also run the risk of ERAS® application-personal statement, a surefire fatal flaw!

I also understand what Program Directors want to see in 2014. I’m here to help you get the residency you want. How? Through one-on-one mentoring and editing services, mock interviews and strategic planning.

Want to match for 2014? Get advice from a board certified practicing physician with extensive residency program experience and Program Director schooling.

How will you stand out in 2014? Call (888) 549-8111. Residency Pro! Where smart national residency match applicants’ gain the competitive edge!

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