Medical students and graduates come to me because I know what Program Directors expect from them. I know what PDs want to see, and I help applicants put the right application in front of them. Recently, I’ve been working with international medical schools, as well.

Each year, medical schools abroad encourage international medical graduates (IMGs) with good USMLE scores and excellent clinical skills to apply for U.S. residency programs. To compete, however, these IMGs could use an expert in their corner.

Did you know? Nearly one-quarter of U.S. residency training positions are filled by highly qualified IMGs.

To assist international applicants, many medical schools abroad have asked me to coach their students on the importance of creating a good strategy, the value of an easy-to-read and persuasive ERAS@ application, and advanced interviewing skills.

With these three areas in mind—plus excellent Letters of Reference (LoRs)—IMGs gain the ability to compete for residency training positions in their preferred specialty. If one of these areas lacks thought or thoroughness, the entire ERAS@ application may be at risk.

If you’re an international medical school or an IMG, I can help you. Please contact me.

Donald T. Morrish, MD
Residency Pro