Long before I was an Associate Program Director and a board certified practicing physician, I was a medical school graduate just like you, searching for the best match to a residency that would launch my career.

How did I defeat other residency applicants to land the best residency?

First, it’s important to tell you something about all those nay-sayers that tried to encourage me to apply to a less competitive specialty and residency program. Before I even sent my application, they said: “You won’t be able to get in.”

Instead of listening to them, I enlisted expert advice from someone I knew and trusted as a medical residency expert. He helped me change my outlook, shape up my application and eventually beat incredible odds.

So how did I do it? I was taught how to differentiate myself from the rest.

Every candidate is unique, but not everyone is willing to find that unique quality, pursue it and share it with application reviewers. At Residency Pro, I help you—just as I was helped—identify and use your uniqueness.

Contact me to learn how to unearth the skills Program Directors are desperately searching for in that pile of similar and safe applications.

Donald T. Morrish, MD